Marina Yachting stands for the Premium Marine Brand with best compendium cutting-edge apparel technology and unmatched beauty of lines and shapes. “Yachting Couture" renewing the iconic models in a more stylish, contemporary and attractive items

The Brand has been established in 1972 linked to yachting heritage
• A real “lifestyle” for sea lovers, represented by a stylized spinnaker
• Positioned in the medium-high casual wear segment
• Appropriate for both life on board and for free time

The History began in 1878 by Nicolò Gavino, a sailor who set up a nautical materials and clothing shop in Genoa after years of seafaring
• inspired by the uniforms of British Royal Navy officers, particularly the blue cloth jackets
• Nicolò Gavino created the first waterproof sailor’s jacket that became the archetype for Marina Yachting’s Pickot®



Yvonne Baumgarnter

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